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  1. With a view to provide all-weather access to unconnected habitations, the Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana on 25th December, 2000.
  2. The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) is a 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme.


  1. The primary objective of the PMGSY is to provide Connectivity, by way of an All-weather Road (with necessary culverts and cross-drainage structures, which is operable throughout the year), to the eligible unconnected Habitations in the rural areas.
  1. Priority # Population size of Habitations being connected

Grade I 1000+
Grade II 500 – 999
Grade III 250 – 499


  1. The unit for this Programme is a Habitation and not a Revenue village or a Panchayat. A Habitation is a cluster of population, living in an area, the location of which does not change over time. Desam, Dhanis, Tolas, Majras, Hamlets etc. are commonly used terminology to describe the Habitations.
  2. An Unconnected Habitation is one with a population of designated size (refer to Para 2.1 above) located at a distance of at least 500 metres or more (1.5 km of path distance in case of Hills) from an All-weather road or a connected Habitation.
  3. The eligible Unconnected Habitations are to be connected to nearby Habitations already connected by an All-weather road or to another existing All-weather road so that services (educational, health, marketing facilities etc.), which are not available in the unconnected Habitation, become available to the residents
  4. The PMGSY shall cover only the rural areas. Urban roads are excluded from the purview of this Programme.
  5. Even in the rural areas, PMGSY covers only the Rural Roads i.e., Roads that were formerly classified as ‘Other District Roads’ (ODR) and ‘Village Roads’ (VR).
  6. Other District Roads (ODR) are roads serving rural areas of production and providing them with outlet to market centres, taluka (tehsil) headquarters, Block headquarters or other main roads.
  7. Village Roads (VR) are roads connecting villages / Habitation or groups of Habitation with each other and to the nearest road of a higher category. Major District Roads, State Highways and National Highways cannot be covered under the PMGSY, even if they happen to be in rural areas.
  8. This applies to New Connectivity roads as well as Upgradation works.
    • The PMGSY envisages only single road Connectivity to be provided. If a Habitation is already connected by way of an All-weather road, then no new work can be taken up under the PMGSY for that habitation.
    • PMGSY does not permit repairs to Black-topped or Cement Roads, even if the surface condition is bad.
    • The Rural Roads constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana will be in accordance with the provision of the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) as given in the Rural Roads Manual (IRC:SP20:2002).


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