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General Notice Regarding Public Hearing Camp on Violation of Child Rights by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Delhi, on 30-08-2019 28/08/2019 View (2 MB)
DSE District Level Control Room and Help Line Number 21/05/2019 View (379 KB)
Revised Nomination of officers for RTI disposals under SP office 28/01/2019 View (365 KB)
Jharkhand Exice(Country Liquor Manufacturing, Bottling and Storage) Rules, 2018 18/01/2019 View (310 KB)
Return Notification(Memo No.-851) 06/09/2018 View (382 KB)
General Information Regarding Acquisition of Rayati land for Extension of Paradweep-Haldia-Durgapur L.P.G. Pipline (Circle- Jama,Masaliya,Ramgarh and Saraiyahat) Memo No.- 855,856,857,858 and 859 06/09/2018 View (2 MB)
Nonihat-Basukinath-Kairabani-Palajori-Bagdaha Mod Road Widening Project(Circle-Jarmundi, Village-Budhwadangaal,Dumaria,Ambaa) Memo No.- 852,853 and 854 06/09/2018 View (2 MB)
Dumka-Masaliya-Nala-Kundahit Road Widening Project(Circle-Masaliya, Village- Kolharia, Kaalipathar,Belpahari, Mankapahari, Nischitpur, Chitraseni) Memo No.-845,846,847,848,849 and 850 06/09/2018 View (2 MB)
Nomination of officers for RTI disposals under SP office 01/09/2018 View (1 MB)
Declaration of Nonihat-Basukinath-Kairabani-Palajori-Bagdaha Mod Road Widening Project(Circle- Jarmundi, Village-Jhakhiya, Circle-Jama, Village-Tarajora) Memo No.-786,787 25/08/2018 View (1 MB)