Dumka is the future silk city of india. As we all know that it is the India’s largest Producer district of cocoons.

Silk is a natural Protein fiber and it can be woven into textiles. The protein fiber of silk is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons.

All the 10 blocks of Dumka Produces cocoons but 6 blocks namely Kathikund, Gopikander, Shikaripara, Ranishwar, Masalia and Sariyahat are the main producers In this Financial Year, about 79674735 cocoons have been produced till now. Dumka has also produced disease free 1827457 cocoons . Ironically there is no industry or small scale industry to prepare silk fibre of silk colthes. Bhagalpur is Known as silk city but Bhagalpur doesn’t produce cocoons.

There are enormous scope to set up big industry or small scale industry in three blocks i.e Khatikund, Gopikandar and Dumka block of Dumka District.

Industrial Area Dumka:
Sl. No. Name of Industrial Area Land acquired

(in hectare)

Land developed (in hectare) Prevailing Rate Per sq. ft. (in Rs) No. of plots No. of allotted


No. of vacant plots No.of units in production
1. Industrial Area Dumka 6.088 6.088 19.00 13 13 03 10


Industry at a Glance:
Sl. No. Head    Unit Particulars
1 Registered Industrial Unit No. 2241
2 Total Industrial Unit No. 2241
3 Registered Medium &Large Unit No. NIL
4 Estimated Avg. No. of daily Worker Employed in small scale industries No. 38
5 Employment in large and medium Industries No. NIL
6 No of Industrial Area No. 1